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Sales & Planning

MICE was built for event planners. With the best planning solutions and sales tools, you'll be amazed how MICE can help you.

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As a leader or owner, you require full control over your operations, financial flows and reporting. MICE has got you covered.

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MICE offers integrated invoicing, specifically designed for events and with more than 10 accounting integrations, your life will be easier.

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At MICE we want to make great software, but also care about all the legal aspects of the business, improving compliance daily.

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MICE is leading sales and planning software, but it also includes some great marketing features, boosting your communication and sales.

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Being IT guys ourselves, we know what makes you tick. We comply with best practices, offer a modern REST API and improve daily.

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Helping other event and hospitality companies thrive.

At MICE we like to work with partners, because together we can help the event industry to thrive. Find out all about our commitment.

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