Make the most of your summer

During summer most of us finally have some space in our diaries. The perfect time to start using your new event planning software. That's why we're offering a unique discount of 20% including free implementation. And with MICE Operations, the rest of the year will be just as smooth. 😎

This offer is valid until 1 august 2019.

Save 20%


€ 1800 € 1450 per year

Easily manage your rooms. This is the plan for organisations that organise events daily.

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14-day free trial

Save 20%


€ 2800 € 2250 per year

Unprecedented control. This is the right fit for larger and complex organisations.

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No obligations  •  Online instantly
14-day free trial

Why this offer?

Because MICE Operations is becoming an increasingly complete solution and we're developing at a fast rate, the prices will go up. With this offer we want to give organisations the opportunity to take advantage of this great price and all the advantages of our new features.

Do I need to pay setup costs?

To make the offer even better, we will setup your account, without setup costs. This way you can get started using your new event planning software before the end of summer. All you have to do is enjoy the summer breeze! 😎

For how long do I get a discount?

You will enjoy your discounted price year after year. The prices can be judged and indexed annualy, but we will never update your subscription to the regular price, just like that. That's what really makes this the perfect time to start using MICE Operations.

Can I try MICE Operations first?

Yes, of course! You're still able to use the free trial. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan before august 1st, you will be eligible for this deal. Upgrading is easy from your account, chat or email.