Event planning 

Manage all your events in one spot

Tend to your guests, because your business has been taken care of.

MICE Operations helps you stop worrying about later because that has been taken care of. So focus on the here and now, take care of your guests and host the perfect events. Thanks to smart solutions every part of your administrative work is in good hands so you can plan yourself a vacation, instead of every little detail for your events.

Keep in touch and in control, with MICE Operations. Try it for yourself:

All in one place

Hundred-version documents, piles of email and out-of-date plannings are a thing of the past. With MICE Operations you only have one perfect overview for all your events and appointments.

Be confident

We save everything, so nothing is ever forgotten. When you know it’s all taken care of you can stand tall and be confident you’re doing your best work ever, every time.

Auto-update changes

Don’t let last-minute changes become last-second headaches. With auto-update, every correction gets put into the right documents, and you can be sure everything is taken care of.

See how MICE Operations will help you be the best.

Do what you're good at and let MICE Operations do the rest.

The perfect planning

No-one notices a tight schedule. It works silently in the background. We’re here to help you find that silence. With a perfect overview of everything, you’ll never forget anything.

  • Day planning

    See a summary of all your current events, so you always know what’s going on that day.

  • Occupation planning

    In the occupation planning, you immediately see the if you’re at full capacity, or have room for another project.

  • Inbox

    All requests that arrive via one of your application modules can be found in the inbox. Here you can assign them and take them into consideration.

Event dashboard

This is the one place where you can find all information about your events. No loose documents flying around, chaotic inboxes or anything. Just a perfect overview of your appointments.

  • The dashboard

    You only need a few seconds to see what’s up, what has been agreed on and how the next day or week is going to look.

  • The scenario

    Directly from the scenario, you update the numbers. And the best? All documents are immediately up-to-date.

  • Messages

    Keep all your communication in one place. With automatic messages and customer responses seen directly from the dashboard, you are always in the know.

Let MICE do the work

Sometimes it would be neat to be a computer, but in the end, let’s be happy we’re not. So we don’t need to do any tasks computers can do better.

  • Automatic worksheets

    Automatic digital proposals are our flagship, but in secret, we’re most proud of our fully automatic worksheets, they are the real lifesavers. With a single click, the system puts together all the information you need and saves you not just minutes, but hours. Every change made in the system is implemented automatically so you can stop worrying you don’t have the right version.

  • Material and budget lists

    Need to find out how many spoons, saucers, and cups you need for an event? Our machines will calculate that for you, a lot quicker.

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

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