Sales & Planning module | Manage your events from one system

All attention for your guests, because the rest is arranged.

With the Sales & Planning module, you do not have to worry about later. You can focus on your guests now. Because the system does the administrative work for you, you know for sure that everything is well organized. And that's how you have much more time for your guests now.

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Everything is arranged

If you record everything you never miss anything. That's why you organise perfect events time after time.

One version of everything

Thanks to this module, you are no longer unsure about quotations and scenarios, you know it's the right version.

Adjust easily

So many people want so much, but that does not mean that you have a lot of work. Because you adjust everything quickly.

Put Mice to work

With these smart solutions

#requests for proposal

Keep everything under control

And work a lot less

Through live scenarios and work lists you keep all information up-to-date. And everyone involved adjusts it easily.

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Online requests

Less versions of #estimates

We looked at how a client views and evaluates an estimate and optimized this proces. That's why we developed the digital quotation, a quote in which the meeting or event is presented to the client online. For approval a digital signature can be placed.

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As if you work with an extra set of brains

If you put MICE to work with the Sales & Planning module, it feels like there is always someone who keeps an eye on your business. While you spend your time on your guests, MICE makes sure everything runs smoothly.


Events on autopilot

With MICE you have all aspects of your business under control. From easily customizing the events, to keeping track of all your customers: put MICE to work and take time for your guests.

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