Reservation system | Manage your events from one system

A reservation system specially made for the hospitality and event industry. In fact, we only need one thing to explain you how this software works:

Check out the online estimate tool

After your guest has filled in the online application, an option will automatically be set on that date. You can then work directly in that application. Read more about these functionalities below.

Reservation software back office

In the online estimate tool you have seen the front office of the software. In the back office you have many options:

Online agenda

You immediately see all your requests in the MICE Operations online calendar. View the occupancy rate, confirmed and optional requests per day, week and month.

Short lines

Both the client and you and your colleagues (who have the correct rights) can work in the application. All communication is bundled in one place. You can also see which colleague changes what.

Automated estimates

From the admin you can click on 'export quotation'. Immediately and automatically the quotation is exported in Word. You can choose to send it with a message to the client.

Customization? No problem

You can adjust the quote per event. Adjust the number of guests, activities, products etc. Automatically the quotations, work lists and scenarios are also adjusted. Always, everything in one place and up to date.

Timeline per event

With the drag & drop function you can easily adjust the times per activity. Is the start of the meeting 15 minutes later? Simply drag the start time a quarter of an hour later and everyone is up to date.

Comments / internal memos

Add comments and internal memos per event. These are included in the scenarios and work lists. They can also be viewed directly in the app. Now everyone is always informed.

Export documents

Export Quotations, scenarios and work lists in your own style. Consider the time savings that it brings with it that they are automatically generated ;-).


With the smart Analytics and Adwords connections you keep track of how your quotations come in. Based on this you can sharpen your marketing activities.


Relationship management, reminders, email management, task management. 

Never miss an assignment again.

Clients are very satisfied and our conversion of the requests on our website has gone up by the estimate module on our website.

More sales. Less time.

Because you can immediately upsize with the online estimate tool, you immediately start selling more. In addition, you can be reached 24/7 for a reservation / quote and after the application has been submitted you have insight into the budget and the wishes of the guest.

Any adjustments, quotations, work lists, scenarios can be processed with a few clicks of the button. You do not save a bit of time. You save a lot of time.

Reservation system Hospitality | Events

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Why should you use reservation software?

Sell more

You can be reached 24/7, you can automatically upsell and there is a direct insight into the wishes of your guest.

Save a lot of time

You never again have to make the same quotation 10 times. By using smart software you save a lot of time.

Less mistakes

Too late reactions, no follow-up, forgetting the vega meal is all a thing of the past. Machines do not make mistakes.

Quiet waters

With automation you come into quiet waters. You have more overview, more time and fewer headaches. This allows you to focus on what is really important.

Tighter planning

Stop with the big puzzle of your schedule. Stop with error-prone. When using automation, the planning is automatically made for you. And a machine makes no mistakes.

Happy people

Now the client is happy. Your colleagues are happy. You are  happy.

If that is not a win-win;).

Online reservation systeem Wordpress

The online estimate tool of MICE Operations is easy to link to your Wordpress website. Use the Script code to embed the planner in your website.

Incidentally, the reservation system works alongside Wordpress on WIX, Magento and all other website platforms by using the Script Code.