Our starting points

The inspiration of MICE Operations comes from practice. For the development of the product, we met with dozens of professionals from leading event venues and organizations.

More engagement with clients

Clients want to be involved in the development of their event. Currently the only involvement  is during a site visit or a meeting, and an updated time-to-time. With MICE Operations they can check their event in the system at any time of the day. And can make comments on relevant parts  of the event and send messages to the planner.

Online orientation

Finding the right place and requesting an event takes a lot of time for clients. The event is discussed first. Then a proposal is made that needs to be modified later multiple times. Many clients indicate that they want to know the possibilities and price range quickly. 

Clear communication

Modifications are often passed by telephone or sent by email, but the client often does not receive a confirmation. By providing insight into the current version of the event script, the client can always check is the modification al passed along correctly.

Clear picture of possibilities

Websites do not often display all the correct information what an organization has to offer. In many cases, the client will receive a PDF document with all different possibilities, from wedding to meeting, instead of only relevant information. Client is more likely to request an event when they knows what you have to offer for a specific type of event.

Direct insight into the requirements of the client

The first contact with the client is the most important. You must immediately estimate the requirements and needs. Budget plays an important role, if you estimate it too high, it may be that the client goes to another organizer. Do you estimate it too low, it will cost you revenue and probably the client expected more. The E-ventplanner gives you instant insight into the budget and requirements of your new client so you can make the best offer.

Less paperwork, more time for guests

Make quotations, adjust it and create other documents (such as the event script and work-lists) are the most time-consuming activities of an event planner, while this time can be spent on countless other things. Therefore, MICE Operations focuses on automating these administrative tasks.

All information, everywhere

Often you hear "I have to look up", an event planners has to go back to the office to find documents on the computer. In many cases, messages, quotes, work-lists and scripts are stored in different systems or software. MICE Operations ensures that all information is always available at all times clearly stored in the event dashboard.

Insight into availability

The first question of clients is in many cases whether availability is on a particular date. In the occupancy overview, you can easily look which rooms or locations are available. The system gives suggestions on where the event fits best.

Site visits and presentations

Whether you have a site visit attending an expo. You always have all the event possibilities and product presentations at your fingertips. During a discussion or tour, you can start directly with creating a customized event on a tablet or laptop. You can easily show pictures and descriptions of the various packages, food or furniture. At the end of the meeting the quotation is ready!

Clear planning

Events must be carefully prepared and executed. For this reason, the information must be clearly understood by operational staff so that the preparations can be made correctly.

Always up to date information

Many organizations are working with an event script with many adjustments. Due to all adjustments, miscommunication is a common issue. MICE Operations ensures that the entire script is always up-to-date and that the affected parties are informed of changes.