Online reservation system

Manage all your events in one place

MICE Operations offers you a handcrafted online reservations tool made especially for the catering and event industry. Let the system show you its power by seeing it in action:

Check out our online request for proposal tool!

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

Sell more in less time

More sales:

  • With smart upselling, the E-ventplanner helps you to earn more

  • Your website and the request form is available 24/7

  • Knowing what your clients want gives you the power to sell more

Less time:

Everything in MICE Operations is done in just a few clicks, and any changes you make are directly updated in every document tied to the event you’re working on. You’ll be going from calling with clients with little time to spare, to always being there.

Sales in the front, planning in the back

The live E-ventplanner is the first thing you’re guests are going to see, but the real power is under the hood. Our Sales & Planning tool has tons of great features:

Online calendar

Check when you’re booked and take action when you’re free. With the online calendar, you have total control of your schedule and can view occupancy rate, confirmed requests or open slots per day, week and month.

Quick communication

Each of your clients gets a personal event dashboard, and you can add as many employees as you need to work in MICE Operations. This way all you have all communication bundled in one place, changes can be made quick and easy, but you’ll never again lose sight of who did what because we save everything.

Automatic proposals

MICE Operations gives you the power to create proposals on the spot. Let your soon-to-be clients choose themselves in the E-ventplanner on your website, or do it together wherever you’re meeting, push the magic button, and a proposal will roll out instantly.

Custom wishes? No problem!

Most clients have some specific wishes, and with our tools, that’s no reason for panic. You can quickly adjust the number of guests, activities, products, etc. or add custom options. MICE Operations will automatically update everything from proposal to work schedules, and you can keep having a great day.

A timeline for each event

Every event you’re booking gets a timeline with powerful drag & drop functionality where you can easily adjust the start and end of every activity. Dinner starts later? No problem, quickly drag it down, and everyone will be notified.

Comments and internal memo’s

There are public comments and internal memos for each event, so you can communicate with your guests and your staff whenever you need to. These all get updated into every schedule, so everyone stays informed.

Export documents in style

You can use your branding on all the documents you download from MICE Operations, so you’re always working in style. While it’s printing, you can think of all the hours you’re saving by automatically generating these documents.

Smart marketing

Connecting to Google Analytics and Google AdWords makes MICE Operations even more powerful because you can see where your clients and requests are coming from and target your marketing activities accordingly.

Never lose with CRM

Keep track of your clients, because they’re your most valuable asset. MICE Operations has relationship management so you’ll never miss an assignment again.

Our customers get answers twice as fast, meaning our proposals also get signed faster than ever.

Roel Oude Avenhuis

Owner, Wavevents

Why use MICE Operations?

MICE Operations maakt én calculeert geheel automatisch je offerte, je werklijst en draaiboek:

Sell more

Our powerful sales tool, the E-ventplanner, is up and running on your website within two minutes and is working to get you new clients 24/7. It’s a tireless sales employee that is continuously upselling while giving you insights into the wishes of your clients. It’s the best hire ever.

Save time

You won't have to make the same proposal over and over again because MICE Operations will make it for you. That’s going to save you some serious hours of repetitive labor. You can go back to using your computer for the business that matters, like that Solitaire high score you’ve been trying to beat.

Decrease mistakes

Forgetting to send a proposal, not following up on questions, or not having that one vegan option your client even double checked, things of the past with MICE Operations. Machines don’t make mistakes, and this machine will help you remember everything.

Increase rest

While MICE Operations helps you to be sure you’re not forgetting anything you can sit back, relax and start to focus on what’s really important: creating kick-ass experiences for your guests.

On time

Stop making your schedules like sudoku; you’re sure it fits, but it just won’t work. MICE Operations will automatically make your schedules for you, and it’ll show you how the job’s done.

Happy people

You’re happy everything's running smooth as butter, your clients are delighted that their event is perfect and your employees are happy that they always know exactly what to do. We call this a win-win-win.

Online reservations for Wordpress

Use Wordpress? Who doesn’t! Luckily, MICE Operations perfectly fits into your Wordpress site with an easy to use script that will get our systems up and running within minutes.

MICE Operations also plays nicely with WIX, Magento, Squarespace, Webflow, Jimdo, or whatever website tool or website you throw at it by using just a single piece of code. Now that’s easy!

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

Reservation tool for the hospitality industry

Our MICE Operations reservation tool was handmade to cater to companies who work in event management. From caterers to wedding venues:

Event locations — Meeting Centers — Catering Companies — Theaters — Beach Clubs — Event Agencies — Food Truck Rentals — Restaurants — Bars — Hotels — Conventions — Comedy Clubs — Museums — Entertainment Locations — Conference Centers — Banquet Halls — Community Centers — Workplaces — Office Spaces — Cultural Centers — Event Planners — Cinemas — Factory Halls — Wedding Venues — Castles & Estates — Monuments — Rental Companies — Activity Agencies