Meeting room booking system

Actually, you only have to look at one thing to see if our booking system fits your company: 

View the E-vent planner 

This is the online estimate tool for the guest. Once your guest has filled in the tool, an event will automatically be created in your online agenda. Here all your employees can work directly in the same event. Make changes in minutes, everything is bundled in one convenient place.

Your conference room rents out itself. 

With the MICE Operations conference room booking system, your guests can request quotes directly from your website for your available meeting rooms.

Think about:

  • The meeting room itself
  • Coffee / tea / other drinks
  • Breakfast / lunch / snacks
  • Beamers / screens / other extras

And everything else you want to offer at the meeting rooms.

See how it works

Meeting room reservation software

Finally, all your information online, organized in one platform. You, your employees and your guest can all see the event. Everyone has their own account. If you change something, everyone will see that immediately, and vice versa you will see it if, for example, your colleague has adjusted something.

With a press of a button, the quotation, the work lists and the scenario are automatically created.

Big or small

Do you only have 1 meeting room, or do you have 50 meeting rooms? MICE is used from small companies to big boys.

Proven effective

We are the 'new kids on the block', with the current technological developments, we understand the new way of working with software. This makes our software more user-friendly and easier. See for yourself.

Made for your website

We promise you that MICE software also works on your website. And that integration only takes a few minutes.

Made for conference rooms

We choose to focus on 1 industry. Our software is specifically designed for meeting rooms. That's why it also fits in the best way, just try it in our free demo.

CRM for meeting rooms

When do you have to mail that guest again? Has that lead already been confirmed? Has your colleague picked up on this?

With easy reminders and a log per request, everyone is always up-to-date. All communication is bundled in one place.

More sales

Directly have insight in the requests and budget of your guest with the online E-ventplanner from MICE. In addition, you can be reached 24/7 and the guest receives his quote within a few minutes of the request. Let them wait at the competitor;).

Less time

Quotations, work lists, the scenario, everything is automatically created by the software. Changes to the quotation can also be adjusted with a few clicks - all lists automatically change.

Get structured

Where does MICE provide more structure?

- All information bundled per request
- Overviews for all employees
- Direct insight into the agenda

MICE Operations jumps into the hole where event location and customer sometimes miss each other. With the creation of an online platform where planning of an event is easier and more enjoyable for both parties, MICE Operations sees the solution for better communication.

Reservation software meeting rooms

MICE Operations software is also suitable for reserving your meeting rooms. You can add the capacity per room and indicate what is available here. For example, it is possible to add a beamer and a lunch package in the 'boardroom' as standard, and standard glasses of water in the 'london room'. So you can completely adapt the software to your working method. In addition, when the system starts to fill, you will see all your rooms clearly in your online agenda.

This is the overview of your real time occupation. If you click on an event you immediately see all the details of the booking. Of course, it is also possible to add events yourself. Simply see what is confirmed or still in option. This overview is available per day, week and month.

MICE Iphone App

See directly on your phone all important details of an event:

- The program
- Associated activities and products
- Related announcements
- Internal memos

This App is made for you and your employees to possibly need less paper.

This is an individual event. Here you see on the right the timeline and the number of guests per activity. On the left, you see the message history between the assignee and the assigned event planner, and any notifications that you have not read yet. From this page you can easily export the quotation, export the script or the worksheet, and easily adjust activities, prices and number of people per activity.

Sell more

Because you can guide the guest through the reservation process, you can show the exact right suggestions in the right places in the system. As a result, you can easily sell more. Think for example of a parking ticket after the guest has filled in everything. Or a beamer with a business group of more than 20 people.