Everything you need to optimize your event planning and sales

Get the complete overview of your events, communicate directly with your client and get control over your availability at a glance. Instead of spending a lot of time in the office, you can pay close attention to your guests.

More requests

By using the E-ventplanner, clients can easily create their own event 24/7. Because the client is guided true the process, everyone can design their event.

More revenue per guest

More insight into your client’s budget and the requirements. During the planning process, various up-sell suggestions are offered to expand the event.

Packages and custom events

Whether you work with packages or custom events, the flexibility of MICE Operations suits all types of events.

Direct communication

The client can look into his event online, communicate directly and make small adjustments. The messenger sends messages documents and photos directly to the client and vice versa, all information is collected on one single place 

Documents completed in seconds

All information is automatically converted into different documents, such as a worksheeft, event scripts and quotations. The Estimates can be completely personalized with your personal content and corporate identity.

All information in one place

All adjustments are immediately implemented into the planning, scripts and reports. Everyone involved are automatically notified.