Do I lose the personal contact with my clients due to automation?

Hospitality is all about personal contact and will always remain. Our main premise is that automation should never be at the expense of personal  contact. MICE Operations automates time-consuming administrative work, so you can focus on hospitality.

I do not have my own venue. Is MICE Operations suitable?

MICE Operations is suitable for any type of organization in the event industry. It does not matter if you have your own venue, collaborate with other venues or on external locations at the client's work. Each organization can optimize its sales, communication and event planning with MICE Operations.

Do clients have access to all features?

Clients only get access to their own events and can make small changes until a deadline date you pick. On the event dashboard, a client can customize his timeline and activities or add products. The client can send messages to the event planning right away, for example to share a dietary requirements. 

Can anyone see the full range of products in the E-ventplanner?

No, it is possible to hide specific products from the list of products that the clients can look into. You can hide these products in the product settings.