Frequently Asked Questions

Is automating everything going to be at the expense of personal contact with my clients?

We believe hospitality is 100% based on personal contact and should always stay that way. What we don’t believe in, is that this means you need to do the work that computers can do better. Making a proposal according to all your client's wishes is easy an easy job when you’re a machine, but takes hours if you’re not. That’s why we, at MICE Operations, focus on automating time-consuming administrative tasks. Because we want you to get more time with your clients, not less.

I don’t have my own event location, is MICE Operations still a good choice?

Absolutely! You don’t need twenty locations and a team of eight people to let MICE Operations work for you. Whatever you’ve got, and whatever your clients need; our tools are going to help you get the job done quicker and better. Every organization in the event industry can benefit from optimizing its sales, communication and planning with MICE Operations.

Do my clients get to use all the same functionalities as me?

Your client is just that: a client. That means he should be in control of the process he deals with and nothing more. Your clients gets a personal event dashboard where it’s easy to adjust the timeline, add activities and products. However, he’s not snooping around in any of your business, don’t you worry.

Does everyone see everything in my E-ventplanner?

If that’s what you want, certainly. You choose which products you want to offer to your guests.