Estimating software | From a hundred times the same request to one time the perfect answer

Looking for quotation software to easily make quotations? We have something better for you. A tool in which your guest builds his own estimate based on what you have to offer. It's a tool that takes your guest by hand and only shows what is relevant to him. A tool that automatically upsells according to the needs of your guest. 

Get acquainted with the future. Meet MICE. A powerful sales tool for event planning.

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Estimating software | only take what you need

MICE offers you 2 unique types of software that can work together:

Online estimating tool


€ 30 per month *

Guests can compose their quotation themselves, by simply clicking on the photos.

Upsell directly
Direct insight to customers wishes.
Standard or custom estimates

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Save time & money

Sales & Planning

€ 60 per month *

Keep the complete overview of your events, communicate directly with the client and see the availability at a glance.

Software automatically creates your quotes 
Software automatically creates your working lists
Software automatically creates your scenario

Why would you still make your own quotations?

5 Different Word documents, with version 1 to 5 of exactly the same quote, where last minute something has to be changed is finally gone.

Have your customer put together his / her offer. You can then fine-tune that quotation together with your client. Finalized your Quote? Export it easily to Word and send the quote directly to the customer.

Running a hospitality operation. Without all the running.

Free estimate software

You can use the E-ventplanner of MICE operations for 2 weeks free of charge and without obligation.

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Quotation software

With MICE Operations, our online quotation program, you are more likely that a quotation will be accepted. The guest can immediately make a request for quotation on your website 24/7, has direct insight into all possibilities and can still adjust the wishes at a later stage.

Insight in your quotations

Quotations will only appear in your overview as soon as they are accepted. Of course, you will see that there is an offer in option on that date for pending applications.

Quotation program Catering

MICE software is specially made for the industry. By placing the online application module on your website you can immediately receive quotations. The application system works on every possible website, promised.

Quote software built especially for your:

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Automate quotation process


Make an offer

You never have to make more quotations anymore! Simply select the products you want in your quotation, and the program will do the rest. Need a PDF quote? Set up your template, click on export and the quotation is loaded automatically!


Calculate the offer

Based on the products and the number of guests, MICE Operations automatically calculates the price of the quotation. Including the price per person and all VAT correctly split. Do you want to manually adjust a discount? No problem!


Work list and scenario

You can add descriptions per product. This is a one-time setting. After this you can, based on the quotation, print out the work lists and the scenario with the press of a button. Now you can focus on your guests again!

Stop running. Start selling.

How do you make an offer?

In an estimate, you put your offer for the client. This contains the description, price, and working agreements. In addition, you usually state the period of validity of the quotation and you can also send your general terms and conditions.

How do you send out a quotation?

A quotation is nowadays no longer sent by post. An e-mail containing a PDF document is the most common. This PDF document is often made in Word.

Online estimate tool

You can also make a quote online. For example with this tool. MICE operations is always online, from everywhere in the world. With a few mouse clicks, a quote has been made immediately.

Reject / accept quotation

The client often requests several quotations. On the basis of these quotations, he will select the one that stands out. From experience, we know that this often does not have to do with the price, but with the offer. So make sure that you leave a good first impression with your quote and that you stand out.