E-ventplanner module | Your own website as request for proposal

From a hundred times the same request to one time the perfect answer

The MICE Operations E-ventplanner gets you more requests through your website easily. The module is built together with our online marketing and conversion specialists to get the most online requests possible and a higher revenue.

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Clients can view the event opportunities online, design and expand their event, explain their requirements, and send the event request directly.

Targeted offers

The E-ventplanner only shows packages en products who are relevant for the client's event.


During the creation of the event, clients receive product suggestions to expand their event and to increase your revenue.

Insight into requirements

As the E-ventplanner continues, the client is encouraged to provide as much information as possible. This way you know exactly what the client is looking for.

Packages or custom events

besides offering packages, the E-ventplanner is also suitable for creating custom events.

Within 2 minutes on your website

By using the embed code, you can instantly place the E-ventplanner on your website. 

Google Adwords and Analytics

The MICE Operations E-ventlanner provides support for Google Analytics, AdWords and can forwarding to your own thank-you page after completion. This way you can easily integrate the E-ventplanner into your online marketing and to more results.

Part of MICE Operations

The E-ventplanner is part of MICE Operations. Check out the other features of MICE Operations.

Events on autopilot

With MICE you have all aspects of your business under control. From easily customizing the events, to keeping track of all your customers: put MICE to work and take time for your guests.

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