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Sunnyside up

Hartbeach is an event and meeting venue on the beautiful beach of Scheveningen, The Netherlands. They also cater, function as a surf shop and offer lessons in various water sports. With a portfolio as diverse as theirs, it's important to stay on top of your business.

To do so, Hartbeach started using MICE Operations in the summer of 2018, and have enjoyed it immensely, Paul tells:

Various events

“Because we’re on the beach, the number bookings and the types of events logically vary a lot per season. In summer there are many more water-related activities, while in winter we cater more, though we also have combinations of those. We also offer surfing lessons to schools in the area for a reduced price so we can help raise a new generation of surfers." 

The system is very straightforward. You don’t need a degree in mathematics to be able to figure it out.

Labor intensive proposals

“Before finding out about MICE Operations, most of our applications came in by mail or phone. With the little information, you usually get out of people you have to compose a decent proposal. That means a lot of guesswork about what works for the particular group.

Everything at your fingertips

“Now, The MICE Operations request form on my website helps my guests plan their perfect event as they envision it. All our options, activities and additional information about our business is right there at their fingertips so they can see exactly how their day will look. The only requests that still come in through the phone are for really complex events. If we've got people ringing with easy applications, we will send them to our website so they can use the form there.

The main advantage of MICE Operations is that our business works more efficient and that everything is automatically updated all over the system when anything changes.”

“Voordat we met MICE Operations startten kwamen de meeste aanvragen via de mail en telefoon. Dan moet je vervolgens nog de offerte samenstellen en met de beperkte informatie die je hebt bedenken wat bij die groep past.”


“Implementing MICE Operations is a straightforward process. We opted for someone from MICE Operations to come and help us put everything in place. That way we didn't have to think about anything and could start using the software right away. It worked very intuitively right away. Also, they gave us tips on how to optimize the system to get the most out of it.

They answer our questions rapidly and even helped us to walk through the system before we went live as a double check, to see if there was anything we could improve.

We have just started using the software and using the basic package for now, but are looking ahead to see how we can optimize our business to fit the application as good as possible. It also helps our event business grow and works as an extra sales channel.”

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