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Beach event agency in the Netherlands

Wavevents offers events management and activities for the young at heart, no matter their age. They operate on multiple locations in Scheveningen and Kijkduin in the Netherlands

Wavevents is an event agency for everyone offering different outings and activities around the beach. They have been working with MICE Operations for a year now, owner Roel Oude Avenhuis tells us about it:

“We’ve had a record-breaking year, having had three times as many events as last year. It is partly due to our new website with the MICE Operations request form. We’re reaping the rewards from starting to use it, already. The best thing is: the system automates the applications process for both the client and us. The clients can always find the event he or she wants, and we know everything they need. Our clients are reacting very positively to this. 

Even when people call or mail us we still directly put it into MICE Operations, and though everything is automated you always keep that personal touch. That’s very important for us. We always reach out to everyone who has sent a request through the form.”

Several locations

In addition to Wavevents, Roel also owns a kiteboarding school and has just started a beach club.

“It’s important to keep track of everything. That’s why it’s great that you immediately see which events are confirmed, or which are still in option. That way the planning is very clear. In the past, we had to check both Excel and Google Calendar for the same amount of clarity.

On Monday we look at what is scheduled and what we need to do. We work across multiple locations; therefore it’s essential that everyone has a detailed view of we expect from them.”

The biggest timesaver, without a doubt, is that proposals are immediately ready after a client has put in their request.

Roel Oude Avenhuis, owner of Wavevents



“The biggest timesaver, without a doubt, is that proposals are immediately ready after a client has put in their request. If there are some changes, they are easily adjusted, and you’re done in a second. For entrepreneurs like myself, it’s important that a system works in a user-friendly manner. The fact that new employees can pick up MICE Operations easily makes it a perfect match.”


“We’re always looking to develop. At this moment we want to grow in our business events. Besides, you must never lose track of what is popular and innovative. We’ve seen a surge in SUP rentals this year, and we’re one of the few providers here, the same thing goes for canal cleanups.”

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