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What does the term MICE mean?

  • Dennis de Kort
  • 21 May 2021

Perhaps you have already heard of the term (for example in our name), but an increasing number of event venues and organizations worldwide use the term MICE.

What does MICE mean?

We get this question regularly, it stands for:

  • Meetings
  • Incentives
  • Conventions / congress
  • Exhibitions


Meetings, every company organizes them and this happens more and more often at venues. This is also the most common activity within the MICE Industry.


Incentives are trips or events that are often used by companies as motivation for their staff. For example as a reward for achieving a good result. In contrast to other business meetings, the focus here is more on fun and an incentive does not necessarily need to have educational value.

Conventions / congress

Congress and  Convention are mentioned together in the abbreviation but there is a difference.

A congress is a meeting of people with the same professional, cultural, political or religious background, where certain topics are discussed. These meetings are often organized repeatedly.

A conference is often organized to discuss a specific topic or to solve a problem with a select group. Conferences are also often of shorter duration and are generally not organized repeatedly.


At Exhibitions, products and services are shown by companies that match the target group of the relevant trade fair.

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