The road to the perfect meeting

Posted on 17-09-2018

For an organizer planning an event can be a complex mission with many obstacles. They have the perfect picture in mind and they don’t want to deviate from the original plan. When they’ve found the perfect venue they want certainty as quickly as possible, unfortunately this takes time. Many event organizers indicate that they have to wait too long for proposals and when they have received green light, they still don't know if the venue can provide for their needs.

That’s why we designed the booking widget, a user-friendly tool deployable at a venue's website, to show availability at the venue instantly. This widget can provide clients the current availability because it’s connected to the platform’s property management system. And if the request doesn’t match, the widget will propose a different setup or alternative dates.

Design your event

After finding the perfect date for the event, the next step will be the planning timeline. This is the perfect tool to design your event. Start by selecting a package or design an event from scratch. Venues can promote their special package deals. These are great offers for organizers and economical for the venue. The organizers can set up their schedule by using the drag-and-drop interface. By selecting timelines activities, you can easily see what items are included in the package during a break, and if necessary add additional products from the venue’s assortment, a new approach to online upselling. After entering the contact details, the request is good to go and the organizer receives a confirmation e-mail with instructions to activate her user accoun. Using this account the organizer can access and adjust the event timeline and products as well as communicate with the event planner. If more organizers or contacts are involved in planning the event they will get access too.

Now, the venue receives a notification of a new event on the platform, in unassigned events. The venue can look into the timeline and details of the event to determine which event planner will suit this particular event, and assign an event planner to the event to communicate with the organizer. The assigned event planner will be the primary contact at the venue for the organizer.

Small changes can have a large impact.

Many event problems originate from miscommunication, telephone messages are incorrectly accepted or not transmitted properly, but small changes can have a large impact.

By allowing organizers to adjust their event details on the platform 24/7, a lot of time and effort can be saved on both ends, instead of reaching out to the right event planner (if available) to make a small adjustment.

These adjustments can be made until a certain deadline, set by the venue (to prevent uncontemplated last minute changes). The message board will give the opportunity to send files, pictures and other documentation to make sure all agreements are met. All information provided by the event organizer and planner will be transformed into an event script, to make sure everybody has the right and current information to perform efficient and optimal before and during the event.

After the deadline has passed the event schedule is locked for the organizer, but adjustments can still be passed through to the event planner by phone or using the message board to the event planner, who can change it in the timeline. This way the venue can make sure operational departments are informed about last-minute changes.