Implementing the MICE Operations venue software

Posted on 17-09-2018

Once in awhile a new system is introduced into an organisation. For many who have experienced this before know it probably resulted in one or more unproductive weeks with many struggles and delays getting used to it. Over time most venues adopt a broad range of software solutions and communication tools to support daily operations, but many of these products are not specifically designed for the MICE industry. In most cases this means that the workflow is actually turning into a set of work-arounds, taking valuable time translating information into event schedules. MICE Operations is specifically designed for the MICE industry and combines powerful communication, operations and reporting features into one single platform to run an event venue’s operations successfully. MICE Operations is unlike any other platform, focusing on personal service and communication for venues and events of all shapes and sizes, while making operations more efficient.

“Plug and play”

If you access the platform for the first time, you only have to add your rooms, users, and products to your company account. Start composing your packages and you’re good to go. The user-friendly interface and welcome tour makes it easy to use for everyone, even on the first day on the job, so training courses for your staff are a thing of the past. Once your company account is up and running, the added rooms will automatically be used to check for availability in the planning module. In other words; just add our planning module to your website and receive bookings within minutes.


There's no big investment or commission involved, but a monthly subscription perfectly fit to the size of your venue. MICE operations runs on affordable hardware and every modern day browser so there's no need for investing in new equipment. Because it is hosted on our dedicated servers, MICE Operations runs faster in a secure environment. Because it is an online platform, we’re able to continuously update and improve the software for optimal performance and security.