7 networking tips for event professionals

Posted on 17-09-2018

This week the IBTM World is in full swing, the place for event professionals to meet and greet each other. Here are some networking tips to make the most of your week in Barcelona.

1.Introduce yourself

Make sure if you’re in a conversation with someone or in a group, properly introduce yourself. A handshake makes your first contact more personal and people will feel more comfortable talking to somebody they know.

2.Listen carefully

Your story has to reach the world, but to get a good relationship with other professionals you should listen carefully to what they’ve got to say. Sometimes contacts can be more valuable than you may have realized at first. Everybody has contacts who are interesting to you, so let’s get introduced

3.Your story is more important than your business cards

Sometimes it looks like networkers try to get rid of their business cards as soon as possible. Having a good chat before handing out your business cards is much more valuable than leaving them on the table. Now your business card has a story.

4.Ask career advice

If you’re still young and you’re talking to someone who has the job of your dreams, don’t hesitate to ask for career advice. This is the most valuable advice you’ll ever receive and it always works. Of course, people also like to talk about their accomplishments.

5.Don’t entertain your smartphone

No one to talk with? Try to make eye contact or walk around. If your eyes are on your smartphone, no one will have a chat with you. The bar or buffet is always a good place to start a conversation.

6.Make appointments

Many networking events publish their guest attendance list a few days in advance, so read it carefully. If you see interesting people, contact them on Linkedin or google their details. This is always useful because there are many other people around keeping them occupied.

7.The conversation doesn’t always have to be about business

A week at an expo, full of appointments and serious talks can be pretty stressful. Some social talk will do you good and leads to stronger relationships, business will follow.