About us

MICE Operations has emerged on the floor of leading event venues and has been developed by a team of specialists into a specialized, yet versatile, sales and operational tool for event planning.

With MICE Operations, you get more time to focus on your guests and need less time for administrative tasks.

What can MICE Operations do for you?

Dennis de Kort

Sales & Support

Dennis has years of experience at leading event venues in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Australia. At a variation of  organizations, he gained a lot of knowledge about the daily business of organizing and carry out events. At work, he is always looking for opportunities to make the processes of organizing and events more efficient.

Wouter van Groesen

Technical Realization & Infrastructure

Over the years Wouter has been involved in highly challenging technical processes, from start-ups to government. He specializes in setting up high availability setups and developing business critical applications. At MICE Operations, he is responsible for the guidance of technical realization and the infrastructure that ensures that the system runs smoothly every day.

Timo van der Zanden

Product Development & Design

Timo has a background in designing and implementing user-friendly applications and websites. From 2009, he develops complex internet projects for a variety of applications. At MICE Operations, Timo is responsible for designing and realizing user-friendly functionalities and product management.

Developed by the event industry

MICE Operations has emerged on the floor of leading event venues and with industry-wide knowledge and a team of software specialists developed it into a versatile sales tool for event planning.

The dialogue we have conducted with dozens of professionals over the last three years has led to the foundation of MICE Operations.

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