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Online RFP tool

The best first impression with our unique RFP tool.

With our unique request for proposal (RFP) tool you're always available for new requests and your location looks the part, every time – on every device.

  • Easily added to your website and completely branded.
  • Requesting an event effortlessly on a computer or smartphone.

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Proposals & Invoices

Beautiful proposals created in a matter of minutes.

With digital proposals you're able to effortlessly create the perfect proposal for every event and the competition doesn't stand a chance.

  • Make a great first impression with digital proposals.
  • With flexible quotation templates you'll make and send better proposals in (way) less time.
  • Send partial or full event invoices with a single click of the button.

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With nine out of ten groups, I can send a proposal and schedule within a couple of minutes. That is such a relief.


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Event planning

Focus on the guest experience, because the rest is taken care of.

With MICE you don't have to worry about Word documents, emails and finding information in different places. Just one perfect overview of all your events.

  • The perfect overview with a flexible daily planning and capacity charts.
  • All event information in one place with the powerful event dashboard.
  • Creating schedules and worksheets in a matter of seconds.

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Organising the perfect event together.

MICE has the full picture of the communication with your client and colleagues, so everyone involved can trust that you're set for a great event.

  • Thoughtful at any given moment with automatic and scheduled messages.
  • Email replies are automatically linked to the related event.
  • Full communication history.

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We know the industry

We have tons of experience working at top event venues and worked out how to make work more efficient.

Improved every day

Every day our primary focus is to make MICE Operations the best event planning software in the world.

Always there to help

Being industry professionals ourselves, we know how important it is to be there for our clients when our help is needed.

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How do I switch to MICE Operations?

It's easier to make the switch than you might think. Within a few minutes you're able to get started in your account and within a couple of days your whole organisation can make the switch. With an online training and our assistance, switching could never be any easier. Get started now!

Is automation going to be at the expense of personal contact?

We believe hospitality is 100% based on personal contact and should always stay that way. What we don’t believe in, is that this means you need to do the work that computers can do better. Making a proposal according to all your client's wishes is an easy job when you’re a machine, but takes hours if you’re not. That’s why we, at MICE Operations, focus on automating time-consuming administrative tasks. Because we want you to get more time with your clients, not less.

Does MICE Operations include invoicing?

Absolutely! MICE Operations includes a full-fledged invoicing module, optimised for hospitality and events. Billing an event is just one click away. Want to learn more about invoicing?

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